About me


I’m Jason. At the time of writing this i’m 19 years old and am a User Experience Designer. I studied at  Hyper Island to become a UX Designer and i did cool projects for some big brands. Before this i have completed 2 other courses. These courses are: Smart Media Advisor and Application Developer, and i did this all before i even reached the age of 20! So who knows what i can achieve and create by 25!

Currently i am looking for a job, because my UX design course has ended. The positions i am most interested in are content creater or community manager. I want to do this because i love creating content and coming up with lots of new ideas and testing them out. Also i like managing community as in bringing people together or coming up with plans to get people use a service or product.

Below are some companies i have done work for, please click the logos for more information!

You can contact me by clicking the following link: CLICK